Wednesday, November 2, 2011

There are sporting goods.......then there are sporting goods

I was going through the ads in Sunday's newspaper and noticed the ad for Dick's Sporting Goods, it was very different than what I was used to.  I thought I would compare the ad in Dallas and the one from DC. There is quite a contrast between the two ads.

The Dick's Sporting Goods Sunday ad in Gaithersburg, MD (just outside of Washington, DC); Yoga pants, soccer balls, Redskins t-shirts, and tennis rackets.....

The Dick's Sporting Goods Sunday ad in Frisco, TX (just outside of Dallas, TX); guns, ammo, and guns (surprisingly no Cowboy's t-shirts).

Living here is going to take some getting used to.

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  1. In DC/MD/VA you drive an hour and have a beach or mountains ... in Texas, often times you drive an hour and have a lake or ranch for hunting. It's all about Mother Nature. :)