Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bread Winners Café & Bakery

Coffee was very good, and most importantly kept coming
I’ve been to my fair share of Greek diners up and down the East Coast.  The great thing about Greek Diners is their menus are 80% the same no matter where you go.  There was a Greek Diner near my house back home where my friends and I would go very often.  It wasn’t exactly the height of culinary excellence, but as far a comfort food and a laid back place to go, it was all one could ask for.  It was especially good for breakfast after a night of beverages.  I haven’t been able to find any Greek Diners around, although there are plenty of diners. 
Southwest Migas

This past weekend I was looking for a good breakfast.  I had read and heard good things about Bread Winners Café & Bakery (www.breadwinnerscafe.com) so decided to try there (it was rated as one of the best breakfasts in Dallas according to D Magazine, click here for the review.  Just to be clear: this is definitely not a diner; as you may guess from the name.  They have fresh baked pastries and bread, all along with full lunch and dinner menus.  The first and most important thing I need for a good breakfast (especially after a night of going out) is coffee.  The coffee was very good, and thanks to our server who was on point, my cup was never empty.  When we sat down there were a few free pieces of pastries, it was a decent sampling.  It was enough to get my appetite going, but not enough for me to order muffins or pastries for breakfast.  I decided to go with the Southwest Migas which included: eggs, tortilla strips, chorizo, onions, peppers, cheddar cheese, jalapeños along with salsa with potatoes, toast (I opted for an English muffin), and tortillas.  The eggs came with the tortilla strips, chorizo, onions, peppers, and cheese mixed in; the salsa and jalapeños came in separate cups.  The flavors mixed together very well, the chorizo was well seasoned without being overpowering.   The tortillas were okay, not the best I’ve had here (which is saying something considering I’ve lived in Dallas for about 20 minutes).  Overall, not only was the breakfast really good but very filling.  It was the kind of meal that just sits in your stomach.   If it sounded like just the thing to cure to hangover it was!  The crowd seemed to be a mix of younger people hanging out, families there after the kids’ morning game, and older folks.  We sat on the patio at the location in Plano; I assume the uptown location has a greater percentage of younger people.  As far as breakfast goes, Bread Winners was absolutely a winner in my book….regardless of what you do the night before. 
Breakfast taco

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