Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fellow EastCoaster visiting Dallas

     I had a friend visiting from DC this weekend and gave him a taste of what Dallas has to offer.  His First day here, we went to Kuby's (www.kubys.com, which was especially fitting considering my friend's mom is German.  I had the Rueben, which I had eaten before.   It was glorious, consisting of  thinly sliced corned beef, sauerkraut, and Swiss on rye.  I got the potato salad on the side, and we spilt the sausage sampler.  He got a sausage plate. After a great meal, we checked out the market which is attached.  Along with a huge selection of meats, they also have many European foods to choose from.  My friend also gave it the German stamp of approval!  

Rueben from Kuby's

       On Saturday I gave him a tour of downtown which included stopping by Daley Plaza and Pioneer Plaza.   We ended up at the Dallas Farmers Market.  There were not nearly as many vendors as the last time I went.  The one new addition since my last visit was the Pecan Lounge (www.pecanlodge.com).  It was voted best BBQ in Dallas in D Magazine and the Dallas Observer for the past two years.  Clearly plenty of other thought highly of it was well, considering the line.  After about a 20 minute wait, we finally got experience it; and it certainly did not disappoint.  I got the pork ribs with the mac and cheese.  The ribs cooked great; wonderfully charred on the outside, and still very tender on the inside.  The mac & cheese was dense without being too heavy, and tasted great.  After a much needed nap, we headed out to the Mason Bar in uptown (www.themasonbar.com).  It was a great place, and the bartenders were all on point.  Even though the bar was pretty packed, there wasn't much of a wait (or the need to waive money in the air) to get a drink.  The crowd was a good mix, and not pretentious as I've been led to believe uptown can be.

Pork Ribs and Mac & Cheese from Pecan Loun

        The following day consisted of a tour to Central Market to admire the $179/lb Prosciutto and organic Kale.  We opted to a bag of Utz Crab Chips and grass-fed ground beef.  We grilled some burgers with the ground beef along with some sausages from Kuby's and laid back to enjoy the Ravens thump the Patriots to earn a trip to the Super Bowl.  Definitely a good Eastcoaster weekend in Dallas!
How 'bout them Ravens!

Sausage Platter from Kuby's