Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lunch with Larry

 I met up from a friend who is from New York, but lives in downtown Dallas, for lunch a few weeks ago.  It was the day of the parade for the Texas State Fair, so I got my first taste of the fair (brisket taco).  My sense was that very few people live downtown.  He said a few thousand people do, and it's becoming more of a livable downtown.  There seemed to be plenty of restaurants and bars, but very few places to shop for groceries and basic needs.  As far the restaurants, he said I shouldn't even bother with Italian food.  Keeping in mind his New York bias, I'll have to come to that conclusion myself.  I'd be open to any suggestions people may have.  He said there are a few pizza places that would be acceptable, he suggested Coal Vines (, and I have heard good things about Cane Rosso (  I'll leave recommendations on true Texas fare like steaks, Tex-Mex, and BBQ to the people who have the authority to speak about it.
        He did have good things to say about the Arts Scene.  The Dallas Arts District spans several blocks and includes everything from theaters to museums (  I certainly give credit to the city for making the Arts an important part of life in Dallas.
        The parade was quite a sight, everything from Elvises on scooters to belly dancers with a whole lot of belly.  Looking forward to the full state fair experience.  

Texas pride at the parade

Nothing says parade like Elvises on scooters

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  1. The first pic is of the Kilgore Rangerettes ( The best known collegiate drill team in the world!